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  1. Untersuchung lokaler chemischer und tribologischer Eigenschaften von oxidischen und organischen Oberflächen in Elektrolytlösung mit dem Rasterkraftmikroskop
    Andreas Marti
    PhD Thesis, No. 12320, ETH Zürich, 1997
  2. Charakterisierung der Oxidschichten auf Titan und Titanlegierungen sowie deren Reaktionen in Kontakt mit biologisch relevanten Modellösungen
    Caroline E. Sittig
    PhD Thesis, No. 12657, ETH Zürich, 1998
  3. Adsorption of Biomolecules on Titanium Oxide Layers in Biological Model Solutions
    Roger Kurrat
    PhD Thesis, No. 12891, ETH Zürich, 1998
  4. Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy Applications in Biomaterials Research
    Janos Vörös
    PhD Thesis, Department of Biophysics, Eötvös Lorand University in Budapest, HU, 1999
  5. Electronic structure and orientation of self-assembled films and metal complexes investigated with synchrotron radiation
    Dorothee Brovelli
    PhD Thesis, No. 13001, ETH Zürich, 1999
  6. Tailored Organic Thin Films on Gold and Titanium
    Shou-Jun Xiao
    PhD Thesis, No. 13058, ETH Zürich, 1999
  7. Chemical and nanotopographical substrate design for AFM analysis of proteins in supported biomembranes
    Frank G. Zaugg
    PhD Thesis, No. 13182, ETH Zürich, 1999
  8. Experimental Determination and Quantitative Evaluation of the Surface Composition and Topography of Medical Implant Surfaces and Their Influence on Osteoblastic Cell-Surface Interactions
    Marco Wieland
    PhD Thesis, No. 13247, ETH Zürich, 1999
  9. Influence of Gallium and Indium in Aluminium on Technological Surface Modifications and on the Composition and Properties of its Surfaces and Interfaces
    Nikolaus M. Margadant
    PhD Thesis, No. 13301, ETH Zürich, 2000
  10. Nano- and Macrotribology on Gold and Silicon Surfaces
    Michaela C. Fritz
    PhD Thesis, No. 13528, ETH Zürich, 2000
  11. MOCVD and Tribological Properties of Thin Zirconium Carbonitride Films
    Christian P. Allenbach
    PhD Thesis, No. 13832, ETH Zürich, 2000
  12. Surface Modification for Optical Biosensor Applications
    Rolf Hofer
    PhD Thesis, No. 13873, ETH Zürich, 2000
  13. Scanning Force Microscopy of Organic Thin Films
    Kirill Feldman
    PhD Thesis, Technical University of Eindhoven, 2001
  14. Chemical and Morphological Microfabricated Model Surfaces for Cell Adhesion Studies
    Martin Winkelmann
    PhD Thesis, No. 14106, ETH Zürich, 2001
  15. Structure and Dynamics of Geometrically Confined Fluids
    Michael Zäch
    PhD Thesis, No. 14560, ETH Zürich, 2002
  16. Biochemical Interactions of Surface-Bound PEG Copolymers
    Ning-Ping Huang
    PhD Thesis, No. 14589, ETH Zürich, 2002
  17. In situ Attenuated Total Reflection Tribometry A new approach for the chemical analysis of tribological films
    Federica M. Piras
    PhD Thesis, No. 14638, ETH Zürich, 2002
  18. Anodic Plasma-Chemical Treatment of Titanium Implant Surfaces
    Vinzenz M. Frauchiger
    PhD Thesis, No. 14720, ETH Zürich, 2002
  19. Micro and Nano-Chemical Patterning of Surfaces for Biological Applications
    Roger Michel
    PhD Thesis, No. 14725, ETH Zürich, 2002
  20. Modified Molecular Friction in Artificial Hip Joints
    Martin R. Widmer
    PhD Thesis, No. 14844, ETH Zürich, 2002
  21. Ultrathin Organic Films as Biointerfaces: A Chemical Force Spectroscopy Study
    Christian Dicke
    PhD Thesis, No. 14956, ETH Zürich, 2002
  22. Design and Applications of New MOCVD Precursors for Nitrogen-Containing Zirconium-Based Thin Films
    Pier-Luigi Franceschini
    PhD Thesis, No. 14965, ETH Zürich, 2002
  23. Development of a Combinatorial Approach to Lubricant Additive Characterization
    Michael Eglin
    PhD Thesis, No. 15054, ETH Zürich, 2003
  24. Functionalized titanium surfaces for biomedical applications: physico-chemical characterization and biological in vitro evaluation
    Samuele Tosatti
    PhD Thesis, No. 15095, ETH Zürich, 2003
  25. Surface Chemical and Tribological Investigations of Phosphorus-Containing Lubricant Additives
    Keishi Matsumoto
    PhD Thesis, No. 15150, ETH Zürich, 2003
  26. Orientation in Ultrathin Self-Assembled Organic Films for Functional Coatings: A NEXAFS study
    Mathias Zwahlen
    PhD Thesis, No. 15162, ETH Zürich, 2003
  27. Mechanisms of protein resistance of adsorbed PEG-graft copolymers
    Stéphanie Pasche
    PhD Thesis, No. 15712, ETH Zürich / University of Sourth Australia, 2004
  28. Molecular Assembly Patterning by Lift-Off at the Micro- and Nanoscale for Applications in the Biosciences
    Didier Falconnet
    PhD Thesis, No. 15948, ETH Zürich, 2005
  29. Aqueous Lubrication by Means of Surface-bound Brush-like Copolymers
    Markus Thomas Müller
    PhD Thesis, No. 16030, ETH Zürich, 2005
  30. The Effect of Surface Topography on Adult Human Bone Marrow Cells and Trabecular Bone-Derived Osteoblasts
    Franziska Joana Baumgartner
    PhD Thesis, No. 16209, ETH Zürich, 2005
  31. Interactions of Lipidic Assemblies with Metal Oxides and Brush-Like Polyelectrolytes
    Fernanda Federica Rossetti
    PhD Thesis, No. 16222, ETH Zürich, 2006
  32. Molecular Assembly of Amphiphilic Poly(Propylene Sulfide)-Block-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) as a Platform to Control the Biointeractiveness of Gold and Indium-Tin-Oxide Surfaces
    Lydia Marcelle Feller
    PhD Thesis, No. 16431, ETH Zürich, 2006
  33. Micro- and Nanoengineering the 3-Dimensional Environment of Cells in Culture
    Marc Robert Dusseiller
    PhD Thesis, No. 16433, ETH Zürich, 2006
  34. Electrically Switchable Surface Modification as a Dynamic Platform for Biotechnological Applications
    Clarence Tang Chong Shin
    PhD Thesis, No. 16436, ETH Zürich, 2006
  35. Interfacial Binding of Biologically active Proteins on Chip for Biosensor Applications
    Guo-Liang Zhen
    PhD Thesis, No. 16495, ETH Zürich, 2006
  36. Structure, morphology and history effects in surfactant self-assembly
    Jelena Manojlovic
    PhD Thesis, No. 16509, ETH Zürich, 2006
  37. Sliding Friction of Polyethylene on Snow and Ice
    Lukas Bäurle
    PhD Thesis, No. 16517, ETH Zürich, 2006
  38. On the conformation of graft-copolymers with polyelectrolyte backbone in solution and adsorbed on surfaces
    Laurent Feuz
    PhD Thesis, No. 16644, ETH Zürich, 2006
  39. Gradients of nanotopography in polymers
    Nicolas Blondiaux
    PhD Thesis, No. 16699, ETH Zürich, 2006
  40. Self-assembly of functionalized nanoparticles into microarrays and gradients
    Christoph Huwiler
    PhD Thesis, No. 16783, ETH Zürich, 2006
  41. 3D micro- and nanostructured surfaces for proteomics
    Martin Halter
    PhD Thesis, No. 16820, ETH Zürich, 2006
  42. Multifunctional Titanium Dental Implant Surface Based on Biochemically Modified Molecular Assembly Systems
    Martin Schuler
    PhD Thesis, No. 16914, ETH Zürich, 2006
  43. A modular approach to functional self-assembled monolayers
    Firat Durmaz
    PhD Thesis, No. 16942, ETH Zürich, 2006
  44. Surface morphology gradients
    Tobias P. Künzler
    PhD Thesis, No. 17049, ETH Zürich, 2007
  45. Biolithography : a tool to manipulate surfaces for DNA-assisted patterning in the micron- and nanorange
    Brigitte Städler
    PhD Thesis, No. 17149, ETH Zürich, 2007
  46. Enhanced bone regeneration by means of bioresorbable and bioactive materials
    Blanca San Miguel
    PhD Thesis, No. 17175, ETH Zürich, 2007
  47. Combinatorial study of the tribochemistry of anti-wear lubricant additives
    Roman Christian Heuberger
    PhD Thesis, No. 17207, ETH Zürich, 2007
  48. Surface-chemical gradients
    Sara Morgenthaler
    PhD Thesis, No. 17278, ETH Zürich, 2007
  49. Assembly and Printing of Micro and Nano Objects
    Tobias Kraus
    PhD Thesis, No. 17334, ETH Zürich, 2007
  50. Resolving Structural and Dynamical Properties in Nano-Confined Fluids
    Tobias Balmer
    PhD Thesis, No. 17359, ETH Zürich, 2007
  51. Particle Self-Assembly for the Creation of Biomolecular Patterns
    Thomas Martin Blättler
    PhD Thesis, No. 17511, ETH Zürich, 2007
  52. Functionalization of titanium oxide surfaces by means of poly(alkyl-phosphonate) polymers
    Vincent Zoulalian
    PhD Thesis, No. 17618, ETH Zürich, 2008
  53. Tribology of human skin in contact with medical textiles for decubitus prevention
    Lutz-Christian Gerhardt
    PhD Thesis, No. 18027, ETH Zürich, 2008
  54. Investigation of the interaction between diamond-like carbon coatings and lubricant additives
    Sébastien Equey
    PhD Thesis, No. 18049, ETH Zürich, 2008
  55. Poly(L-lysine)-g-dextran (PLL-g-dex)
    Chiara Perrino
    PhD Thesis, No. 18224, ETH Zürich, 2009
  56. Interaction of synovial fluid components with artificial hip-joint materials
    Marcella Roba
    PhD Thesis, No. 18273, ETH Zürich, 2009
  57. Engineering cell behavior: Adding dimensionality to the cell sensory toolbox
    Mirjam Ochsner
    PhD Thesis, No. 18390, ETH Zürich, 2009
  58. Carbohydrate-functionalized surfaces for glycomics applications
    Katrin Barth
    PhD Thesis, No. 18416, ETH Zürich, 2009
  59. Aqueous lubrication of ceramics by mean of brush-forming graft copolymers
    Whitney Hartung 
    PhD Thesis, No. 18428, ETH Zürich, 2009
  60. Surface modifications for improved aqueous lubrication under low contact pressure conditions
    Raphael E. Heeb
    PhD Thesis, No. 18431, ETH Zürich, 2009
  61. X-ray scattering on ordered colloidal assemblies
    Patrick Huber
    PhD Thesis, No. 18828, ETH Zürich, 2010
  62. Structural influences on self-cleaning surfaces
    Doris Spori
    PhD Thesis, No. 18942, ETH Zürich, 2010
  63. Structure of molecular liquids under nanometre confinement
    Edith Perret
    PhD Thesis, No. 18982, ETH Zürich, 2010
  64. Tailored biomimicking structures via self-assembly in vitro
    Martina Baumann
    PhD Thesis, No. 19212, ETH Zürich, 2010
  65. Surface-chemical gradients and patterns on metal oxide substrates
    Mathias Rodenstein
    PhD Thesis, No. 19224, ETH Zürich, 2010
  66. Characterisation of supported membrane model systems exposing polymer chains for proteomics and glycomics platforms
    Stefan Kaufmann
    PhD Thesis, No. 19251, ETH Zürich, 2010
  67. Ultrathin, non-fouling coatings exploiting biomimetic surface anchorage concepts. A combination of electrostatic & coordinative binding mechanisms
    Sina Saxer
    PhD Thesis, No. 19303, ETH Zürich, 2010
  68. Polymer immobilization to metal oxide substrates through catechol derivatives as surface anchors
    Barbora Malisova
    PhD Thesis, No. 19307, ETH Zürich, 2010
  69. Treatise on the formation and sensing of lipid structures on nanofabricated arrays
    Karthik Kumar
    PhD Thesis, No. 19325, ETH Zürich, 2010
  70. Surface functionalizing superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles using nitrocatechol anchors
    Esther Amstad
    PhD Thesis, No. 19472, ETH Zürich, 2010
  71. Poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline) (PMOXA)-based ultrathin films for biomaterial applications
    Bidhari Pidhatika
    PhD Thesis, No. 19294, ETH Zürich, 2011
  72. Osteoclasts cultured on micro-patterned surfaces: Dynamics and architecture of the adhesion-cytoskeleton complex
    Fabian Anderegg
    PhD Thesis, No. 19509, ETH Zürich, 2011
  73. Reactivity of environmentally compatible lubricant additives: An in situ and ex situ investigation
    Filippo Mangolini
    PhD Thesis, No. 19677, ETH Zürich, 2011
  74. Engineered 3D models to study the cancer microenvironment as a determinant of drug response
    Maria Håkanson
    PhD Thesis, No. 19749, ETH Zürich, 2011
  75. Plowing of cartilage explants as mimetic system of the temporomandibular joint
    Maria Rita Correro
    PhD Thesis, No. 19774, ETH Zürich, 2011
  76. Complex particle assemblies on surfaces
    Cyrill Kümin
    PhD Thesis, No. 19779, ETH Zürich, 2011
  77. Advanced surface-chemical gradients
    Eva Beurer Amacher
    PhD Thesis, No. 19789, ETH Zürich, 2011
  78. Poly(alkyl-phosphonates), a modular approach to functionalization of surfaces
    Christoph Mayer
    PhD Thesis, No.19869 ETH Zürich, 2011
  79. Morphological gradients for biomedical applications
    Christian Zink
    PhD Thesis, No. 19925, ETH Zürich, 2011
  80. Functionalization of polymer surfaces with polyelectrolyte brushes
    Sonja Neuhaus
    PhD Thesis, No. 19985, ETH Zürich, 2011
  81. Self-organization of catechol-functionalized dendrons for the creation of non-interactive, antifouling biointerfaces in 2D and 3D
    Torben Gillich
    PhD Thesis, No. 20143, ETH Zürich, 2012
  82. Bone remodeling in the vicinity of implant surfaces
    Thomas Hefti
    PhD Thesis, No. 20201, ETH Zürich, 2012
  83. Polymer brushes in aqueous solvent mixtures
    Prathima C. Nalam
    PhD Thesis, No. 20211, ETH Zürich, 2012
  84. Synthesis, characterization and tribochemical behavior of polyphosphate glasses
    Maura Crobu
    PhD Thesis, No. 20251, ETH Zürich, 2012
  85. Nano-confined carbon dioxide under variable thermodynamic conditions
    Erich Schurtenberger
    PhD Thesis, No. 20348, ETH Zürich, 2012
  86. Thermal scanning probe lithography using polyphthalaldehyde
    Felix Holzner
    PhD Thesis, No. 20962, ETH Zürich, 2013
  87. On Surface-Tethered, Hydrophobic and Lubricious Polymers
    Robert Bielecki
    PhD Thesis, No. 21092, ETH Zürich, 2013
  88. Structure-Property Relationships of Surface-Grafted Polymeric Architectures: From Ultra-Thin Films To Quasi-3D Polymer Assemblies
    Ang Li
    PhD Thesis, No. 21104, ETH Zürich, 2013
  89. Experimental and Computational Studies of Amphiphilic Polymers
    Giacomo Fontani
    PhD Thesis, No. 21135, ETH Zürich, 2013
  90. Adhesion and Tribology on Well-defined, Nano-scale Rough Surfaces: A Gradient Approach
    Shivaprakash Narve Ramakrishna
    PhD Thesis, No. 21136, ETH Zürich, 2013
  91. Structure, hydration, and lubricity of surface-attached dextran
    Tolga Goren
    PhD Thesis, No. 21777, ETH Zürich, 2014
  92. Spatially Controlled Polymer Adlayers for Biological Applications - from Patterns to Hypergradients
    Sterner, Bengt Olof
    PhD Thesis, No. 22253, ETH Zürich, 2014
  93. Novel Polymer-Brush Based Coatings for Regulating Bioadhesion
    Ângela Serrano
    PhD Thesis, No. 22261, ETH Zürich, 2014
  94. Roughness-size gradients for biomedical applications
    Clément Cremmel
    PhD Thesis, No. 22515, ETH Zürich, 2015
  95. The role of sub-surface water in plasma-deposited vertical chemical gradients
    Blanchard, Noémi Elisabeth
    PhD Thesis, No. 22876, ETH Zürich, 2015
  96. Design, synthesis, and applications of photo-cleavable SI-ATRP initiators
    Kang, Chengjun
    PhD Thesis, No. 23195, ETH Zürich, 2016
  97. Simulation and Experimental Studies of Polymer-Brushes under Shear
    Singh, Manjesh Kumar
    PhD Thesis, No. 23270, ETH Zürich, 2016
  98. Photoresponsive Polymer-Brush Structures for Smart Surfaces
    Dübner, Matthias
    PhD Thesis, No. 23501, ETH Zürich, 2016
  99. Investigation of fluid-confinement in lubricating polymer-brush coatings
    Mathis, Christian Hugo
    PhD Thesis, No. 23863, ETH Zürich, 2016
  100. On the Mechanism of Ionic-Liquid-Mediated Lubrication of Silicon-Based Materials - A Combined Tribological and Spectroscopic Investigation
    Arcifa, Andrea
    PhD Thesis, No. 23950, ETH Zürich, 2016
  101. Thermal Films and Glasses as Model Systems for Understanding Complex Boron-Based Tribochemical Processes
    Spadaro, Fabiana
    PhD Thesis, No. 24022, ETH Zürich, 2017
  102. Molecular Tuning Through and Across Surface Assemblies of Polymer Grafts
    Dehghani, Ella S.
    PhD Thesis, No. 24059, ETH Zürich, 2017
  103. Topological Design of Surface-grafted Polymers: Brushes, Branches, Loops and Cycles
    Divandari, Mohammad
    PhD Thesis, No. 24113, ETH Zürich, 2017

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Michael Sterner (* 1978 in Passau) ist ein deutscher Ingenieur und Professor für „Energiespeicher und Energiesysteme“ an der Ostbayerischen Technischen Hochschule Regensburg.

Leben[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Michael Sterner wurde 1978 in Passau geboren. Von 2000 bis 2005 studierte er Mechatronik an der Ostbayerischen Technischen Hochschule Regensburg. Anschließend absolvierte er einen Master in Erneuerbaren Energien an der Universität Oldenburg. Im Jahr 2009 promovierte er mit dem Thema „Bioenergy and renewable power methane in integrated 100% renewable energy systems“ in Elektrotechnik an der Universität Kassel. Danach arbeite und leitete er von 2007 bis 2012 die Forschungsgruppe Energiewirtschaft und Systemanalyse am Fraunhofer-Institut für Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik. Parallel dazu hatte er einen Lehrauftrag an der Universität Oldenburg.

Sterner ist seit 2012 Professor für Energiespeicher und Energiesysteme an der Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg. Des Weiteren ist er Leiter der Forschungsstelle für Energienetze und Energiespeicher (FENES).

Er ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder.

Wissenschaftliche Arbeit[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Stener befasst sich in seiner Forschung insbesondere mit Energiespeichersystemen für erneuerbare Energiesysteme. Er gilt als einer der Urheber der Power-to-Gas-Technologie.[1] 2014 verfasste er gemeinsam mit Ingo Stadler das Lehrbuch Energiespeicher, das 2017 in einer zum Herausgeberwerk überarbeiteten und aktualisierten zweiten Auflage erschien.

Sterner sitzt in zahlreichen energiewirtschaftlichen Gremien und berät u. a. die Bundesregierung. Zudem wirkte er als Autor am 2011 erschienenen „Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation“ (SRREN) des IPCC mit.[2]

Werke[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Jürgen Schmidt (Hrsg.): Bioenergy and renewable power methane in integrated 100 % renewable energy systems. Limiting global warming by transforming energy systems. Kassel University Press, Kassel 2009, ISBN 978-3-89958-798-2, 4. Renewable Power Methane – solution for renewable power integration and energy storage, S. 104–126 (Online als PDF; 17,7 MiB [abgerufen am 1. Dezember 2012] zugleich: Dissertation an der Universität Kassel 2009). 
  • mit Ingo Stadler: Energiespeicher. Bedarf, Technologien, Integration. 2. Auflage, Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg 2017, ISBN 978-3-662-48893-5.

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  1. Strom sinnvoll speichern. Energieexperte Michael Sterner hält Vortrag im Stockerhof. In: Donaukurier. 14. Oktober 2016, abgerufen am 31. August 2017. 
  2. ↑IPCC, 2011: Annex IV: Contributors to the IPCC Special Report. In: IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation [O. Edenhofer, R. Pichs-Madruga, Y. Sokona, K. Seyboth, P. Matschoss, S. Kadner, T. Zwickel, P. Eickemeier, G. Hansen, S. Schlömer, C. von Stechow (eds)], Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.
  3. Dieselmedaillenverleihung 2011. In: karl-schlecht.de. Abgerufen am 31. August 2017 (PDF). 

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