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  • Financial Econometrics

    Roman Kozhan Introduction to EViews 6.0 EViews is a simple, interactive econometrics package which proves many tools used in econometrics. It provides users with several convenient ways of performing analysis including a Windows and a command line interfaces. Many operations [...]

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  • Dynamic Costing

    Troels Troelsen Introduction to Costs The term “theory” is a Greek derivative and means: “seen from above.” That is to say that a theory is an overall discussion of a subject, taken out of the concrete decisionmaking situations, while focusing [...]

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  • Current Assets

    Your goals for this “merchandising” chapter are to learn about: Merchandising businesses and related sales recognition issues. Purchase recognition issues for the merchandising business. Alternative inventory system: The perpetual method. Enhancements of the income statement. The control structure. The Merchandising [...]

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  • Corporate Valuation and Takeover

    Robert Alan Hill Introduction The 2007 global financial crisis ignited by reckless bankers and their flawed reward structures will be felt for years to come. Emerging from the wreckage, however, is renewed support for the over-arching objective of traditional finance [...]

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  • Corporate Governance and Internationa...

    David Crowther & Shahla Seifi Introduction The concept of governance is not a new one but nowadays we hear words as corporate governance, organizational governance or good governance frequently. Actually corporate governance or, as defined in ISO FDIS 26000, organizational [...]

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