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Vermont law states that children shall not enter school unless they provide the school with an immunization record from a school, health department or physician, indicating that he/she has received the required immunizations. Please provide the copy of your child's immunization record to the Health office before your child's first day of school and make sure to check with the nurse that the immunizations are complete based on Vermont law (as it may vary in other states). Students who are exempt from receiving immunizations are required to submit an exempt form yearly (see Health Office web site). A new vaccination exemptions law went into effect July 1, 2016 removing philosophical exemption.

To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your student, please keep your student home and/or make an appointment with your health care provider for the following symptoms:

  • temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • severe sore throat, headache, or cough
  • eyes with inflammation, redness, and watery or purulent drainage
  • undiagnosed and/or untreated skin rash
  • communicable disease

If a student becomes ill during school, the parent/guardian of the student must be contacted before a student is allowed to leave the building. It is important to provide your student's school with updated contact numbers so parents/guardians may be reached concerning illness, as well as emergencies.

Beginner Band Starts in November

Important dates:

Monday, 10/16- students attended the beginner band instrument demonstration.

Friday, 10/27- deadline for signing up for beginner band (on music web page)

Wednesday, 11/8, 6:30 pm- Ellis Music sponsored instrument pick up night. (WCS auditorium)

The beginner band program is available to all interested students in grades 4 and up. All beginners will attend a weekly small group lesson during their school day and have an opportunity to perform in concerts.  Beginner band students may choose to learn the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, or percussion* (see box below).

Students that choose percussion will be asked to rent a percussion kit that includes a mallet instrument and a drum pad.  

*Percussion Notes:

*In order to provide a quality experience to all musicians, there is a limit of 8 percussion spaces. If interest exceeds space,places in this class will be chosen by lottery on 10/27. Please note that omission of a second choice will not increase your chances of acquiring a space in percussion.  You will receive a confirmation via email before the rental night.  Thank you for your understanding.  

How to sign up:

The beginner band sign up form is available on the WCS music website.  Please be sure to sign up by 10/27 in order to ensure your child is enrolled in a class. All students that wish to play need to sign up in order to get on a class list.

How to get an instrument:

Most WCS band students rent an instrument from Ellis Music Company. This business is recommended but not required. You may pick  up  your instrument from Ellis at the “instrument pick up night” on Wed, 11/8 at 6:30 pm.  You must reserve an instrument ahead of time (on the sign up form) if you wish to get an instrument on this evening.  

Caution: If you see brand new instruments for sale at a fraction of the price from stores or online vendors that do not specialize in musical instruments, beware that these instruments lack quality parts and design. Your child will likely struggle more than they need to to play the instrument. Additionally, once they break, they are difficult to repair and many repair technicians will not do the work.

If you plan to rent from Ellis Music:

  1. Please sign up on time (10/27) so I can reserve an instrument for you.

  2. Attend the instrument pick up night.  You need to be there in person to sign your contract.

This can be a long night for kids and they do NOT need to be here. You will receive a number as you enter

the room (deli counter style). An Ellis rep will speak with the whole group for a few minutes and then

call you up by number. You should plan on being here up to ninety minutes, depending on your number.

  1. If you can’t attend that evening, please contact Ellis Music Company (802-234-6400) by 10/27 and make alternate arrangements directly with them.

If you already have an instrument or plan to get one elsewhere:

  1. Please be sure it is in good working condition. You can send it in for Mrs. Thompson to check. Playing an instrument in disrepair can be as challenging as riding a bike uphill with the brakes on.

  2. Please purchase the book which will be used each week. (Tradition of Excellence book 1)

  3. You do not need to attend the Ellis instrument pick up night unless you wish to purchase supplies or a book from Ellis Music. (These can be ordered over the phone or online as well)

  4. If you choose to purchase elsewhere, be sure to purchase or rent from a music store that specializes in musical instruments. “Instruments” sold at general retail stores and web sites are not recommended. They are made from cheap metal, are often difficult to play and repair and are often not repairable at all.    

Questions?  Please contact Kim Thompson:   or 871-6033.

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