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THE Mandaue City Legal Office will serve a show cause order to the three establishments in the city within the day requiring the management to explain why their businesses should not be shut down for committing several violations.

MO2 Restobar, Sentral Bar and Lounge and Club Hatchi were served a show-cause order last night for allegedly committing several violations during the Sinulog celebration last weekend.

Mayor Luigi Quisumbing said owners of MO2 and Sentral failed to secure a mayor’s permit for their events last Saturday, while Club Hatchi was “filled to overflowing” last Saturday.

As a result, Quisumbing decided to put on hold the processing of their business permits.

“Technically, no (they cannot continue to operate after the show-cause order is served) because the business permits are on hold, which means... they do not have a license to operate,” the mayor said.

Quisumbing said MO2 had two simultaneous events last Saturday. One was managed by management, while the other was organized by a promoter.

Management, he said, did not coordinate with the City, and the events ended up causing a “massive traffic jam.”

The Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue said that party-goers illegally parked their cars on Mantawi Drive and Ouano Ave.

As for Sentral, the City denied its permit application for an event that was scheduled on the day of the Sinulog.

The mayor had announced that there would be no events during Sinulog in Mandaue.

Sentral management reapplied for a permit stating that it would hold the event on Saturday.

However, Quisumbing did not approve it to avoid having two events on the same day since he didn’t want the police and emergency personnel to be “stretched out.”

He said Sentral, which is owned by his first cousin, still held a “mini foam party” last Saturday.

“I’m very much insulted that despite the denial of its permit, Sentral still pushed through with its event last Saturday,” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor found out that many people have been getting hurt at Club Hatchi, which is located on M.C. Briones St.

The Mandaue City Police Office recorded 66 incidents of physical injuries in the establishment, 27 of which involved the owner, bouncers, guards and employees.

“There has been a pattern of many, many incidents involving the owner, bouncers and guards on fights and physical injuries in the club,” he said.

In a separate interview, Lito Atillo, MO2 manager, said that the events promoter should have secured the business permit as MO2 was only the venue.

He said that even MO2 employees could not enter the area where the events were held.

MO2, Sentral and Club Hatchi have five days to submit their explanations.

In Cebu City, Mayor Tomas Osmeña said that the suggestion to impose a liquor ban in the entire city during the Sinulog Grand Parade is not doable.

“No (not applicable in the whole city) I am not against drinking liquor, I just want to maintain peace and order,” he told reporters.

Osmeña he has to curtail certain liberties to maintain order during the Sinulog.

What is certain at the moment, the mayor said, is that he will continue to ban liquor and street parties in next year’s festivities. (RVC)

Gabriel Luis "Luigi" Romualdez Quisumbing (born July 12, 1979) is the representative of the 6th district of Cebu in the House of Representatives of the Philippines). He was elected as Mayor of Mandaue City in the 2016 election.

Private life[edit]

Representative Quisumbing is a relative of the Lopez-Romualdez[1] family. He is the grandson of Norberto B. Quisumbing, Jr., who started the large Norkis Trading Corp. and that of the Norkis Group of Companies.

Congressman Quisumbing got married[2] to Maricar Hofileña on 7 March 2015 at the St. Joseph Parish in Mandaue City.

Political life[edit]

Following the steps that most of his kinsmen[1] took, Congressman Luigi joined the political arena in 2007 as a Provincial Board Member in the Province of Cebu, representing the 6th District. He later on moved to become the House Representative for the same district in 2010. He has since been re-elected to the same Congressional position in 2013, serving his second term. He is a former member of One Cebu Party and was later sworn in to be a member of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) in 2012.[3]

He was the candidate of the Liberal Party for the mayoralty position of Mandaue City in the 2016 election, together with Atty. Carlo Fortuna as his Vice Mayor.[4] Rep. Quisumbing endorsed incumbent Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes to run as House Representative for the 6th district of Cebu. Quisumbing, Fortuna, Cortes and their whole slate took oath as the representatives of the Liberal Party in Mandaue and the 6th District respectively on October 12, 2015.[4]

Congressional performance[edit]

In 2012, first-termer Rep. Quisumbing laid bare his plans and goals for the 6th District of Cebu during a newspaper interview.[5] His 4-point agenda became the guiding principles of his vision for the District:

  1. Higher - Provide for a better and quality standard of education, health, infrastructure and social services in the 6th District.
  2. Faster - Eliminate bureaucracy in the delivery of basic services. Ensure that the delivery of these services will be delivered immediately to all constituents of the 6th District, right where and when they need it.
  3. Stronger - Strengthen government institutions as pillars of education, health, public works and social development to guarantee progress in the district. Work - for a unified district and stability in government as an indicator of progress and development.
  4. Better - Eradicate corruption in government service and promote transparency in all government transactions especially in the implementation of its programs and projects involving the use of public funds. Encourage participation of local government units and other sectors in development planning and meetings.

Aside from legislative work, Rep. Quisumbing finds time to be with his constituents, either for people-centered consultations or extending aid during dire situations[citation needed]. However, Congressman Luigi is best known among his constituents[who?] as a caring big brother, especially to kids, whom he admittedly finds the best inspiration[6] for his job as a House Representative.

Next steps[edit]

Having been elected as Mayor of Mandaue City for July 2016 to June 2019, Quisumbing committed himself to realize the platform of governance he announced during the campaign period of 2016.[citation needed]

Quisumbing has formed his transition team that will identify the people to fill-up key positions in the City Hall for the next three years under his leadership.[citation needed]


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Rep. Quisumbing requesting for an investigation into the Cybersex crime and related issues.
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