Hcs 405 Week 3 Assignment

Running head: BALANCE SHEET WORKSHEET1Balance Sheet WorksheetCharity AdomaHCS/405June 26, 2017Joe GazdikBalance Sheet WorksheetA balance sheet is a financial statement that displays the financial health of the business.Shelton (2016), "A balance sheet is one of the three primary financial statements used to monitor the health of your business, along with your cash flow statement and the income statement" (para. 3). A balance sheet has assets that are existing and non-current. Liabilities, which are alsocurrent and non-current. Owners' Equity is also on the balance sheet. Assets are resources that a company has that hold value and the current assets can be liquidated to cash within one year. Anything that is non-current takes a year or more. Liabilities are what the company owes to others. Owners' equity is the amount of stake or capital that a business owner or investor has in the enterprise. To prepare a balance sheet, you first must know the equation to get your net worth or loss which is assets=liabilities + equity.

Week Four Health Care Financial Terms Worksheet HCS/405 Version 5 1 University of Phoenix Material Week Four Health Care Financial Terms Worksheet Worksheet Term Definition Scenario Forecast Forecasting is the information that is used for the purpose of planning for the future, such as in an event for the near future or distant future The health care manager that shares a future budget plan, or has a projected date for the organization for the future must forecast his or her data in the way of upcoming occasions. It is important for the manager to understand how to predict or analyze the correct information to shareholders, and employees at the expected time. The manager that fails to predict a future event, or what is assumed on the budget on an executive level can ultimately cause the organization to miss significant changes in operational patterns that must be considered. Full-time equivalents FTE is a measurement tool that is used to provide staffing in healthcare organizations. It uses two types of procedures that are called Annualized and Staffed

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