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English Assistants for Teaching English


1. Background and Rationale

As a global language, English is an important tool for people in every corner of the world to communicate. Current changes rapidly spread throughout the region in economic, political, educational, social, cultural and technological aspects. This leads to severe internal and external competition in seeking for essential resources for self-living. Therefore, English is inportant for the people to get well prepared for that change.

For educational aspect, English is considered a way to seek interdisciplinary knowledge. Thailand is one of countries in South East Asia that has a very strong educational system at all levels from primary education, secondary education to higher education, especially in the university.Teaching English in universities in Thailand is aimed at developing students'potentiality to cope with the challenging situations when the country enters into Asean Economic Community. English is also regarded as an official language in Asean Community. Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus, Khon Kaen Province is Buddhist University under jurisdiction and supervision of Royal Thai Government. It has prepared for the readiness in teaching English language for the students. Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus, has both Buddhist monks and ordinary students studying Buddhist Dhamma and general subjects from Bachelor Degree to Doctor Degree. At present, the university has four faculties with 1,000 students and 80 lecturers. The administrators of the campus have foreseen the importance of English language that is essential for education and living of the students.

Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus has its own English teaching staffs. Nonetheless, those are inadequate to develop English skills for the students, especially the English Native Speaking Staff. Therefore, Mahamkut Buddhist University, Isan Campus will run its own programme called English Assistants for Teaching English Programme . This programme has the aims to recruit foreign volunteer students and lecturers from English Native Speaking Countries to improve the English Potentiality of the students of Mahamakut Buddhist Unversity, Isan Campus.Also, it is the method to improve English Teaching Skills for the teaching staffs.



2. Objectives

2.1 To recruit the English Assistants for Teaching English at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus.
2.2 To give students and teachers direct opportunities for developing their skills in learning and teaching English with the native speakers.
2.3 To promote good relationship and understanding between Thais and native speakers.


3. Participants

Six (6) English Teaching Volunteers (3 females and 3 males) [ the English Native Speaking Lecturers teaching in university or students studying at university ]

4. Duration

4.1 May – September 2013
4.2 Working period from June – September 2013

5. Subsidy sponsored by Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus

5.1 Expenses of Baht 10,000/month/person.
5.2 Accommodation: Buddhist monastery, or University Hostel.
5.3 Lunch provided at University’s canteen.
5.4 Dhamma practice in holy shrines in the northeastern region.

6. Qualifications

6.1 Be a lecturer or a student from English Speaking Countries and now teaching or studying at university, or graduated.
6.2. Good behavior, attitude, and personality without criminal background.
6.3 Be able to teach both Buddhist monk and ordinary students.
6.4 Be able to stay and practice Dhamma in Buddhist monastery.
6.5 Bear his/her own expenses in securing VISA and life insurance.
6.6 Respect to multi-cultures and be able to adjust him/herself to Thai culture.
6.7 Be able to teach students and lecturers at university from Monday to Friday at least three (3) hours a day.

7. Procedure

7.1 Request for programme approval.
7.2 Set up committees for proceeding and working.
7.3 Place an announcement for recruiting volunteer from English Speaking Countries.
7.4 Prepare course curriculum and table of teaching.
7.5 Recruit qualified candidates.
7.6 Be prepared for organizing the opening ceremony of programme.
7.7 Organize orientation.
7.8 Supervise the assisted volunteer teachers to teach as schedule set.
7.9 Carry out programme assessment.

8. Budgeting

The budget allocated for “English Program for the Youth”, Mahamakut Buddhist
University Isan Campus, Khon Kaen province.

9. Responsible Unit

Core Unit: Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus, Ban Non Chai,
Tambon Nai Muang, Muang District, Khon Kaen province. 40000

Consultant: Phrakru Vinaithornchavaphitaya Suthiro
Committees: Asst. Prof. Witoon Thacha Email:thachatoon@yahoo.com
Assoc. Prof. Pirot Buasook
Dr.Sitthiporn Khetjoi Email: piakealexander@yahoo.com
Mr. Saeng Arthit Thaimitr Email: khoondan2524@gmail.com
Mr. Teerachai Chartchonbot
Mr. Somsak Jantadee

10. Expectation

10.1 The foreign volunteers travell on teaching scheme as goal set
10.2 The foreign volunteers participating in the programme will have chances learn and absorb Thai culture and the way of life of Thai people.


Contact us for being English Assistants for Teaching English


1. crackman_feaw@hotmail.com

2. khoondan2524@gmail.com

3. piakealexander@yahoo.com



Thai language version document




Khon Kaen Thai Language Teacher

Nick Name: Oum

Location: Khon Kaen, 40000

Availability: I can arrange a time to teach during the period of 8 am – 9 pm during the weekends

Where do I teach?: I teach most of my lessons at my clients house or workplace. I can also teach at home, in a local cafe or library. I may charge a small fee to cover travel costs, please enquire for more information.

About Me: Generally, I am easy going person, friendly, sometimes shy, but I am very kind. I like traveling, meeting people and get adventures.

I love to study English all the time and in all skills, especially, listening and speaking. I like to communicate with foreigners, learn and share the culture.

I like to share our real beautiful culture and tradition to people in around the world. I want them to hear, see and know the real good things about Thailand.

About teaching: when I studied in the university I joined a group of people who teach Thai language to some exchange students from other countries. I’ve also been teaching Thai language to foreigners. Helping people learn Thai is not easy, but it’s great to see someone who learns from me be able to speak out some Thai words/sentences, can understand and answer when Thai people talk with them.

I’ve also worked as foreign teachers’ assistant, teaching Thai-grade 4-students who attend to the English Program, at the elementary school in the center of Khon Kaen Province for 5 months and I also taught English Conversation for Thai-high school-students for 4 months.

Finally, I always look forward to teach Thai to foreigners.

Language skills: Fluent in Thai and English. I’m studying Finnish language.

. . .


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The curriculum is well structured, with a good mix of vocabulary, teaching of principles, and practice. The homework is very helpful especially the listening portion. The audio and video supplements online are very good and helpful. I like the tone table and the consistency of it throughout so that you continuously are getting a grasp on the difficult task of tones. The videos are especially helpful in providing a visual and the mouth and throat diagrams are great


Globally a great teaching method with a great teachers network. Keep up the good work. I really like the balancing between classes and homework sessions. Homeworks are well designed and well supported by the audio files, they are definitely helping me to remember things I have done during the class


I think the learning materials are Excellent. Very well laid out and clear to understand


The materials are concise, easier to use than others I’ve tried in the past. They have a better focus on practical Thai without needing to read Thai script beforehand


The materials are very good, the structure and how each chapter is laid out is excellent, I really like the vocabulary, dialogues and the test section. I studied beginners thai at the university of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square Campus. I find the one on one lessons with thai-style much more effective for me. I also like the focus on speaking thai. The course at SOAS was a large class so speaking was limited. The SOAS course also focused on reading, writing and speaking, which I struggled to keep pace with the class


I first tried one of the well known commercial courses and found it hopeless. It left too many questions, gave inadequate explanations and assumed I would have the memory of a parrot. I soon gave it up and then found Thai Style and started as a complete beginner. The materials are superb and show wonderfully how the Thai language works differently from English. You quickly learn the basics and then move on to more interesting and complicated language seamlessly. I’m now learning reading and writing, something I once thought was way beyond me, and this is helping with the speaking too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Thai, and feel quite sure that it’s the best course and best value for money around


Excellent. I have tried in the past with a number of different methods, including ‘Linguaphone’ and ‘Speak Thai with a White Guy,’ none of which i have been able to get on with. This course is methodical, very easy to understand and progresses in a way which teaches the basics first and gives you a sound knowledge of sentence construction. Vocabulary can be picked up on the way. Also the access via the website has been well thought out. Highly recommended and has definitely worked for me


Excellent, the reading and writing I have learnt with ease

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