Kodak Gets The Picture In Executive Education Case Study Answers

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Case 1 - Learning to walk in the customers shoes
Case 2 - Kodak gets the picture in Executive Education
Case 1 - Siebel: forcing the issue
Case 1 - Pay for Performance: Lennox Hits some problems

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1..No I don't think TI took the right approach to achieving better results. This is the top down approach. This often comes down to trickle down approach. In my opinion, this is what actually happened and that is why the engineers and managers are being trained now. It would have been better if the customer service employees that are in touch with the customers were trained simultaneously with the top executives. Yes, it is important to train the top managers because without their participation and support no improvement can be brought about in the organization. However, it is essential also to involve the front line employees.
2, To calculate the return on investment, I would look to the financial department to help find out the percent increase in profits because of improved customer service. In addition, I would seek information from the front line employees that are in touch with the customers to ascertain the extent of increase in sales that can be attributed to changes brought about from the training. Finally, I would consult the VP Marketing to find out his opinion on the extent to which he feels the improvements in profits are due to the training.

1.It seems Kodak did needs assessment for top executives by interviewing some of the board members and ...

JMP Product Manager Lou Valente assisted the Kodak team in this project and was plenty impressed.

“To be part of a project that delivered a defect reduction to only one defect in 300 million linear feet of motion picture film – which is enough film to wrap around the Earth twice – is really very rewarding. And it makes me better appreciate the power of utilizing data mining and visualization techniques in a manufacturing setting,” Valente says.

Making the case

“We have very extensive processcontrol data sets across our organization,” Beatham says. “JMP gives us the ability to look at that data and look for correlations across it. I’m not aware of any other process tool that would allow us to get the degree of statistical analysis that we can get with JMP across those large data sets.

“From a statistical-analysis point of view, it’s really the tool of choice for us – and I think it’s the only tool out there that gives us the flexibility to do what we need to do.”

JMP is also powerful as a communication tool.

“It is key for people like Rob to be able to present his data in a way that is clearly visual to the management groups, as they’re reviewing projects and trying to understand why we need to spend money to review roadblocks,” he says. “It’s very easy to show the impacts of what the data is showing in JMP.”

Bettin agrees: “Once I was able to demonstrate what was going on, having looked at millions of records – which we’d never been able to do very effectively before, just looking at printouts – I was able to convince management that, yes, we can do better. And then we were able to find those little things that allowed us to improve.”

After senior managers saw the data in JMP visualizations, they easily understood the need for remedies with almost no hesitation, Beatham confirms.

Just scratching the surface

Bettin says that he’d never used JMP before this project and that few others in his group had either. The group created a designed experiment and had a design steering team.

“Lou helped us get it all going. It didn’t take much once we got started,” he says.

Bettin says he’s now using JMP quite a bit, for example, for time series analysis. “Honestly,” he says, “I don’t think I’m using a quarter of the power of JMP yet.”

Beatham says that Kodak will be taking another “leap forward” in incorporating JMP throughout the company by assembling a group of “superusers” to serve as high-level experts within their individual areas.

“JMP is a key tool for our technical and engineering experts as we continue to focus on zero-defect manufacturing,” he says. “We had just stellar success on this project. It really has been exciting, and it’s nice to be able to share it.”

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