Algebra 2 Assignment Identify The Vertex

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This is an activity which will help your Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 students with practice when graphing parabolas in vertex form. The worksheet can be used as a homework assignment or assessment activity. Students are asked to identify the axis of symmetry, the vertex, they use a given substitution point and state the reflected point needed to create three points to sketch the parabola. This activity is a part of my UNIT 4 BUNDLE. An answer key is provided.

Teaching Suggestions:
✎ Use the activity in groups
✎ Use the activity as a review exercise prior to assessing students

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Teaching Duration

40 minutes

Section 5.1 Graph Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form

A2.5.1 Determine whether a relationship is a function and identify independent and dependent variables, the domain, range, roots, asymptotes and any points of discontinuity of functions. (use paper and pencil methods and/or graphing calculators where appropriate)A2.5.2 Graph and describe the basic shape of the graphs and analyze the general form of the equations for the following families of functions: linear, quadratic, exponential, piece-wise, and absolute value (use technology when appropriate.);
A2.5.6 Describe the characteristics of a quadratic function (maximum, minimum, zero values, y-intercepts) and use them to solve real world problems

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