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Essay Advantages of Living in a Modern Family

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Modern Family

Nowadays, it seems that the traditional family structure is disappearing and the modern family is replacing it. The family used to be formed by the grandparents, the parents, their brothers and sisters and their kids, living together in the same house, but now the nuclear family formed by the father, the mother and their children, live in a single house without the rest of the family (“Nuclear Family”). I believe that some of the advantages of living in a modern family are: educational freedom, independence of each family member and the free choice in selecting marriage partners. In a modern family, both men and women could have more freedom to choose their educational career. For example, after graduating…show more content…

This writer also says that because of the mother is not home during the day, children “spend much of their time deciding for themselves,” (Ndaw 173), letting them grow up, become more independent and having the opportunity to develop their own interest in life. Another advantage of living in a modern family is that there is more freedom to choose who we would marry. It allows today’s couples to marry by their own will and not because of interest. This also makes their relationship more caring and warmer, and if they have any children, it would be because of love. On the contrary, in the past, parents would force their kids to marry for interest, especially to someone powerful and rich, regardless if they liked them or not. But now, marriages are different, most of people can choose whoever they want to marry, for example my older sister chose freely her partner and got married because of love, and my parents supported her decision. Although I prefer living in a modern family than living in a traditional one, sometimes I feel that my family needs to recover some values from the traditional family structure, specially the communication between members. I think that my family does not spend enough time together,

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Newspapers have historically played an integral role in the growth of large cities and small communities. As each city or town grew, its newspaper showcased more businesses' products and services through paid advertisements. Newspaper ads have enabled businesses to reach large potential markets for a fixed cost and to target specific consumer groups by placing ads in dedicated sections. For example, a sporting goods store's ad would logically appear in the newspaper's sports section. These positive newspaper attributes are countered by downsides each business and consumer should objectively evaluate.

Media Competition

Newspapers face unrelenting competition from other consumer information sources. Cable television provides 24-hour-a-day news along with in-depth coverage of major events and news stories. Broadcast and cable channel Internet sites often cover additional story angles and frequently update content in close to real time. In contrast, a newspaper operates on non-negotiable production deadlines that limit the freshness of its content. This reduced ability to provide current news, plus readers' tendency to only view select newspaper sections, has helped drive a decline in overall newspaper circulation.

Low Younger-Market Readership

Younger consumers often receive news, entertainment information and shopping opportunities via computers and portable electronic devices. These highly mobile media meet younger adults' needs effectively, meaning that these consumers rarely have a need or desire to browse a newspaper. Former newspaper executive James Hopson does not entertain much hope this situation will change. In March 2010, Hopson recognized the collective reluctance of consumers under 40 to purchase or subscribe to newspapers. Writing for an American Society of News Editors audience, Hopson predicted that newspaper readership would continue to decline as older readers are not joined by younger ones.

Short Shelf Life

Newspaper frequency varies from medium- and large-city dailies to community newspapers that print weekly or bimonthly. Newspaper advertisements' short shelf life considerably limits each advertiser's ability to reach its target audience. Daily newspapers are especially affected, as readers may toss only a cursory glance at each day's paper before running out the door to work. If the reader does not read the paper by the end of that day, ads that feature daily specials will be obsolete. Some advertisers may lack funds to advertise frequently, which makes it even less likely the business will reach its potential customers.

Ad Clutter

Newspaper pages often mix ads with editorial content, although some pages are devoted solely to advertising. A reader can easily focus on a full-page ad since no other ads compete for his attention. In contrast, a page's multiple ads create visual clutter and competing messages. Advertisers, especially businesses with small or unimaginative ads, risk having their ad completely passed over while the reader engages with larger or more interesting graphics. Readers viewing multiple ads may also subconsciously spend less time on each individual ad.

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