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As Flow of Foreign Students Wanes, U.S. Universities Feel the Sting

Colleges have cut programs amid a drop in international enrollment tied to several factors, including more restrictive immigration policies.

No College Kid Needs a Water Park to Study

Trustees must rein in frivolous spending at public universities.

Fraternity Is Banned From Pennsylvania After Student’s Hazing Death

A Baruch College freshman died after taking part in a fraternity hazing, and the fraternity was convicted of aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter.

More College Students Seem to Be Majoring in Perfectionism

New data indicates that perfectionism, especially when influenced by social media, has increased by 33 percent since 1989.

Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help

Online education helps school districts that need to save money make do with fewer teachers. But there is mounting evidence that struggling students suffer.

Teaching Teens the Financial Ropes

A nonprofit offers financial literacy lessons to young people.

Most States Don’t Require Specific Financial Literacy Classes

A new report gave only Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia an A for their efforts. There’s a debate on how best to teach the subject.

Transgender Student’s Discrimination Suit Is Settled for $800,000

Ashton Whitaker said that he had been forbidden from using boys bathrooms and felt degraded by administrators at his high school in Wisconsin.

Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness

With nearly 1,200 students signed up, a course that tells students how to lead more satisfying lives may be the largest in university history.”


Civics, Politics, Economics and Business

She Ran From the Cut, and Helped Thousands of Other Girls Escape, Too

Nice Leng’ete started a program in Kenya to create new rites of passage to replace female genital cutting and has helped 15,000 girls avoid the ritual.

California Girl’s Escape From ‘Human Depravity’ Led to Rescue of 12 Siblings

After a teenager successfully alerted the authorities to her family’s dark secret, her parents, David A. Turpin and Louise A. Turpin, were charged with dozens of counts of torture and abuse.

Treatment Offers Hope for Imprisoned California Siblings

Cases of children isolated and abused by parents are rare but not unheard-of, say experts. Many recover.

Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger?

Child protective agencies are haunted when they fail to save kids. Pittsburgh officials believe a new data analysis program is helping them make better judgment calls.

What He Did on His Summer Break: Exposed a Global Security Flaw

Nathan Ruser, an Australian college student, discovered that a fitness app revealed the locations of military sites around the world. Now he has to decide what he’s doing after graduation.

Wales Prepares to Ban Physical Punishment of Children

The move, which is the subject of a 12-week consultation, would match plans in Scotland and laws in more than 50 other countries.

2 Die as Pakistanis Protest Over Girl’s Killing

Hundreds protested in outrage over the death of the girl, one of about a dozen children killed in the city of Kasur over the past two years.

Boko Haram Video Is Said to Show Captured Girls From Chibok

In the video, a girl who claims she is among the kidnapped students from Chibok says she is happy being with the fighters of the extremist group. Her identity was not confirmed.

Nigeria Rescues Another Student From 2014 Chibok Kidnapping

The student was among nearly 300 girls kidnapped from a school during exam week. While many of the girls have been released, dozens are still missing.

1,000 Danes Accused of Child Pornography for Sharing Video of Teens

The video, spread through Facebook Messenger, was legal to make, but illegal to distribute. Many of those charged are teenagers themselves.

Knife Attack at Russian School Leaves at Least 12 Wounded

Two masked teenagers broke into a fourth-grade classroom in Perm, the latest in a series of assaults that have prompted a debate about school security.

School Shooting in Kentucky Was Nation’s 11th of Year. It Was Jan. 23.

When two students were killed by gunfire in Benton, Ky., it was at least the 11th shooting so far this year on school property.

After a Turbulent Childhood, on a Path to a Healthier Life

At 18, Charles Louis quit the psychotropic medications he had been prescribed in foster care. After stretches of homelessness, he now has a place of his own to share with his pets.

Seeing More Than ‘Just Another Missing Teenager From the Bronx’

The frequent disappearances of Desiree Santana’s daughter have put a strain on the family’s finances and the amount of time she has for her other five children.

New Jersey Teenager in Custody After 4 Are Found Shot to Death in Home

The boy, 16, was held by the police after they discovered his mother, father and sister and a family acquaintance shot dead in their home.

My Kid’s First Lesson in Realpolitik

The author of this Opinion essay writes, “Children don’t live in a bubble, so why do we try to shelter them from conflict?”


Science, Health, Technology and Sports

North Dakota’s Loss of Division I Women’s Hockey Leaves a Void

More than a decade of gains in the state’s youth and high school girls’ programs are endangered, and players who aspired to the team are heartbroken.

A Teenager’s Basketball Dream Is Size XXXXXL

What’s life like at 7 feet 7 inches? Robert Bobroczkyi, a 17-year-old basketball prospect, gives us a view of his world.

Oklahoma’s Trae Young, the Superstar Nobody Saw Coming

Freshman Trae Young began the year unheralded. Now he leads in points and assists and has single-handedly made Oklahoma-Kansas a marquee matchup.

Marta Kostyuk, 15, Reaches 3rd Round of Australian Open

There’s no doubt the Ukrainian teenager can play at a high level, but she’s also learning to deal with the high expectations that come with early success.

More Than 150 Women Described Sexual Abuse by Lawrence Nassar. Will Their Testimony Help Them Heal?

The psychological effects of disclosing a traumatic secret — of telling your story — depend on the audience, the nature of the trauma and other factors.

U.S.A. Gymnastics Still Values Medals More Than Girls

“Corporations like AT&T are doing more to reckon with the abuse than the sport’s governing body,” states the writer of this Opinion essay, a former rhythmic gymnast on the United States National Team.

Gymnast Maggie Nichols Wants ‘Everyone to Know’ About Larry Nassar’s Abuse

Ms. Nichols, who is ranked first nationwide on the collegiate level, said she was sexually abused by the team doctor and reported it in 2015.

One After Another, Athletes Face Larry Nassar and Recount Sexual Abuse

The Olympic gymnasts Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman are among dozens of women speaking in a Michigan court about sexual abuse from the former team doctor.

Hits to the Head May Result in Immediate Brain Damage

When a teenager is hit in the head, his brain can begin to show signs, within days, of the kind of damage associated with degenerative brain disease.

Raising a Transgender Child

One family explains their child’s change to ‘her true self.’

Young Women Are Using A.D.H.D. Drugs in Greater Numbers, C.D.C. Reports

Since 2003, the percentage of women filling prescriptions for drugs like Ritalin has increased nearly fivefold in some age groups.

Turn Off Messenger Kids, Health Experts Plead to Facebook

In a letter organized by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, dozens of health experts say the new app preys on a vulnerable group.

Vaping Can Be Addictive and May Lure Teenagers to Smoking, Science Panel Concludes

A report from the National Academy of Sciences said that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking, but not quite safe, and may cause teens to take up tobacco.

We Need Bodice-Ripper Sex Ed

“Romance novels taught me that sexual pleasure was something women could not just hope for but insist upon,” states the writer of this Opinion essay.


Arts, Media and Culture

A Rap Video for a Biology Class Was His Demo Reel

Julien Turner, 20, is a budding filmmaker at Morehouse College, where he’s also a linebacker on the football team.

A Versace Model, Rapper and ASAP Mob Collaborator. And He’s Only 19.

For Judah Lang, a multitalented performer who grew up in SoHo, creativity seems to run in the family.

Miss Golden Globe Is No More. Long Live the Golden Globe Ambassador.

Simone Garcia Johnson, the daughter of Dwayne Johnson, takes over this year, with a new name for the ceremonial gig.

In ‘Saturday Church,’ Coming of Age, and Coming Out

Luka Kain is a find in “Saturday Church,” as a gay teen seeking acceptance and friendship.

In ‘Freak Show,’ the Boy Who Would be Homecoming Queen

The film, directed by Trudie Styler, is another high-school tale told in too-broad strokes.

Onstage, Escaping the Pain of Her Childhood

After being removed from her aunt and uncle’s home at 15, Cearia Scipio bounced among foster homes. She found freedom in acting and “taking on someone else’s problems.”

Debutantes and Divas

Some traditions never fade. The Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball was held on Dec. 22 at Cipriani Wall Street.

That’s What Ze Said

“I use whatever pronoun my students choose for themselves, simply out of respect for them,” states the English professor who wrote this Opinion essay.

7 Young People on Their Views of Gender

Annie Tritt has been photographing young people whose sense of gender goes beyond the binary norm. These are a few of their thoughts and pictures.

Tell Us What to Call the Generation After Millennials (Please)

If you’re an American who is 22 or younger, we’d like to hear from you.

We Asked Generation Z to Pick a Name. It Wasn’t Generation Z.

Thousands of people 22 and under (and many older people) weighed in on the most important question of the coming century.


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In late January, 63 upper school students received recognition in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the work of middle and high school students in the visual and literary arts. Past awardees include Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath and Topaz Winters.

Students who received Gold Keys, Silver Keys and honorable mentions will have their work featured at local events. A panel of luminaries will judge the work of Gold Key winners to determine who will receive national medals and travel to New York City for the National Ceremony.

This year’s awardees for literature are:

Emily Chen, grade 12: Three Gold Keys (critical essay, poetry, writing portfolio), two Silver Keys (poetry, short story), three honorable mentions (poetry)

Gwyneth Chen, grade 12: Silver Key (personal essay and memoir)

Ishani Cheshire, grade 11: Gold Key (poetry), Silver Key (short story), honorable mention (poetry)

Kathy Fang, grade 10: Silver Key (dramatic script)

Aditi Ghalsasi, grade 10: Honorable mention (personal essay and memoir)

Sophia Gottfried, grade 9: Silver Key (poetry)

Rose Guan, grade 11: Silver Key (journalism)

Ellen Guo, grade 10: Gold Key (critical essay)

Aarzu Gupta, grade 10: Two honorable mentions (poetry, personal essay and memoir)

Mahika Halepete, grade 10: Two honorable mentions (journalism)

Jacqueline He, grade 12: Two Gold Keys (poetry, writing portfolio), two Silver Keys (poetry), four honorable mentions (poetry, science fiction and fantasy, two in short story)

Jessica Jiang, grade 10: Silver Key (poetry), honorable mention (personal essay and memoir)

Amy Jin, grade 12: Honorable mention (critical essay)

Vivian Jin, grade 9: Silver Key (poetry)

Aditi Khanna, grade 10: Honorable mention (poetry)

Prameela Kottapalli, grade 11: Two Silver Keys (poetry)

Jason Lin, grade 9: Honorable mention (critical essay)

Millie Lin, grade 12: Gold Key (short story) and Silver Key (critical essay)

Andrew Lu, grade 9: Two Silver Keys (personal essay and memoir and poetry) and honorable mention (flash fiction)

Annie Ma, grade 10: Gold Key (poetry) and three Silver Keys (flash fiction and poetry)

Irina Malyugina, grade 9: Silver Key (flash fiction) and honorable mention (poetry)

Kalyan Narayanan, grade 10: Silver Key (dramatic script)

Rakesh Nori, grade 10: Honorable mention (flash fiction)

Sana Pandey, grade 10: Honorable mention (short story)

Jerry Peng, grade 11: Gold Key (personal essay and memoir)

Annabelle Perng, grade 11: Gold Key (flash fiction)

Amla Rashingkar, grade 10: Three honorable mentions (flash fiction, poetry, and short story)

Anjay Saklecha, grade 11: Silver Key (critical essay) and honorable mention (personal essay and memoir)

Sahana Srinivasan, grade 12: Two Gold Keys (critical essay), one Silver Key (journalism), and two honorable mentions (journalism and short story)

Ayla Tanurhan, grade 10: Gold Key (critical essay)

Betsy Tian, grade 9: Honorable mention (flash fiction)

Larissa Tyagi, grade 10: Gold Key (personal essay and memoir)

Joshua Valluru, grade 10: Gold Key (critical essay), Silver Key (critical essay) and honorable mention (personal essay and memoir)

Liana Wang, grade 12: Silver Key (poetry)

Shania Wang, grade 11: Silver Key (personal essay and memoir)

Kelsey Wu, grade 11: Two Silver Keys (critical essay)

Helen Yang, grade 11: Two Silver Keys (flash fiction)

Alexander Young, grade 11: Two honorable mentions (poetry)

Katherine Zhang, grade 11: Two Gold Keys (journalism), three Silver Keys (journalism) and three honorable mentions (flash fiction, journalism, and short story)  

Tiffany Zhao, grade 11: Silver Key (personal essay and memoir) and honorable mention (critical essay)


Awardees in visual arts are:

Raymond Banke, grade 11: Two Gold Keys (design and mixed media), Silver Key (design), four honorable mentions (design, drawing and illustration and two for painting)

Anoushka Buch, grade 9: Three honorable mentions (drawing and illustration, digital art and photography)

Timothy Chang, grade 11: Silver Key (photography)

Debarati Chatterjee, grade 12: Gold Key (digital art)

Cynthia Chen, grade 10: Gold Key (photography), two Silver Keys (drawing and illustration, and photograph), two honorable mentions (printmaking and drawing and illustration)

Gwyneth Chen, grade 12: Gold Key (jewelry), Silver Key (jewelry), honorable mention (jewelry)

Katelyn Chen, grade 10: Gold Key (painting)

Ishani Cheshire, grade 11: one Silver Key (painting), honorable mention (painting)

Aislinn Coveney, grade 12: Honorable mention (painting)

Elizaveta Egorova, grade 11: Gold Key (industrial design), Silver Key (painting), six honorable mentions (five for digital art, one for painting)

Susan He, grade 11: Honorable mention (drawing and illustration)

Kaitlin Hsu, grade 12: Three honorable mentions (two for drawing and illustration, one for mixed media)

Jason Huang, grade 11: Honorable mention (painting)

Julia Huang, grade 12: Honrable mention (drawing and illustration)

Ashley Jiang, grade 10: Honorable mention (design)

Katrina Liou, grade 11: Silver Key (drawing and illustration), four honorable mentions (two for mixed media, two for drawing and illustration and one for editorial cartoon)

Raveena Panja, grade 12: Honorable mention (drawing and illustration)

Rani Sheth, grade 10: Honorable mention (drawing and illustration)

Catherine Wang, grade 11: Gold Key (drawing and illustration), two Silver Keys (drawing and illustration)

Elizabeth Yang, grade 11: Gold Key (painting)

Emma Yu, grade 12: Honorable mention (art portfolio)

Anna Wang, grade 11: one Gold Key (painting), two Silver Keys (design and painting), two honorable mentions (drawing and illustration)

Joshua Zhou, grade 10: Three honorable mentions (photography)

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