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Last year, she was photographed on multiple occasions in the arms of her toyboy Connor Yemm - before he eventually claimed that their relationship was not sexual.

But Lauren Harries appears to have found love at last, as she took to Twitter on Saturday to reveal that she has found a new 'Prince Charming' in boyfriend Bruce Hills - just two days after meeting him in person for the first time on a date.

Sharing a shot of herself cuddled up with her handsome suitor - who, like her, is transgender - the 39-year-old TV personality gushed in an accompanying caption: 'My new Boyfriend Bruce my Prince Charming.'

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New beau: Lauren Harries took to Twitter on Saturday to share a shot of herself with her new boyfriend Bruce Hills - just two days after meeting him in person for the first time

Prince: Lauren called Bruce her 'Prince Charming' in the post as they went social media official

The post came some two days after dentist Bruce took to his own Instagram account to upload a snap of the pair and reveal that he had just met Lauren for a date for the first time, after communicating with her for 'a long time'.

'Out with the lovely @laurenharriesofficial,' fitness devotee Bruce wrote on Thursday. 'Known each other a long time and finally met #dayout.'

In preparation for their fateful meeting, bubbly Lauren shared a shot of herself looking glammed up in a rich palette of makeup as she revealed: 'Going out on a date. How do I look'

First date: On Thursday, dentist Bruce took to his Instagram to share a shot of them together

Meet: In the accompanying caption, he revealed that the date was their first in-person meeting

Just one day after their first date, Lauren took to Instagram to excitedly share a video, in which she gushed: 'I had a wonderful day today, just wonderful. And I just wanted to say to everybody how happy [I am] and how wonderful today has been. 

'I'm just very happy, smiling all the time. And me and Bruce have got lots more plans, but [we're] keeping everything quiet for the moment. But it's been a wonderful day.

'And I just also wanted say hello Bruce, because he looks at my Instagram. And I'm looking for that green short dress for when we next meet up, darling.'

Glamour: As she prepared to go out on her fateful date last week, Lauren uploaded a glam shot

Ask: She revealed to her followers that she was going out on a date - and asked for the opinion

Their romantic connection could be something of a dream come true for Bruce, as he publicly declared as far back as November 2015 that he 'likes' her during a Twitter exchange with another user of the micro-blogging site. 

As recently as January 21, Bruce appeared to have all but given up on love, admitting during a discussion with friends online that he'd been 'cheated on, lied to and hurt' in the past and had subsequently decided that he was happier being single.

They'll also have much in common thanks to Lauren's recently-embraced commitment to fitness, as regularly shares shots of himself working out.

Gushing: Lauren recorded a video in which she gushed about Bruce just a day after their date

Last month, she was snapped working up a sweat in Lycra workout gear and high heels, striking a sultry pose against a wall, showing off her toned abs in a black and neon yellow sports bra.

Her love connection comes five months after her ex Connor insisted that they were never romantically involved, telling The Mirror: 'I've told Lauren all along that we're just very good friends.'

The purported couple had appeared on an edition of Loose Women earlier in the summer to reveal they were an item.

But in a shocking interview, Connor insisted he didn't realise that was what they were appearing on the show to do - and that they were in fact not an item at all.

Shared experiences: Like Lauren, Bruce is transgender, and has openly shared details of his experiences on his social media accounts

Admiration: As far back as November 2015, Bruce  revealed on Twitter that he admired Lauren

'Me and Lauren have been on dates and we were dating for about three months but it was nothing sexual,' the Nottingham-based man explained. 'I had the intention of going on [Loose Women] to speak about how narrow-minded my town is, because obviously with me being pansexual... I've been getting quite a lot of hate for it.

'When I went on Loose Women I brought [Lauren] flowers out, but they even asked me to bring the flowers out. There's no denies there about me giving her a kiss or anything because she's such a good friend and such a good laugh, but it's just the truth I want to get out there because people think I'm in a relationship when I'm not.'

Connor went on to add that the situation has now been ruined, that he's been accused of using Lauren and she's been accused of using him.

He also stated that he will always be in her life, despite this recent revelation. 

Romance reluctance: As recently as late last month, he revealed his reluctance about romance

Months before his claims, Connor was seen splashing in the waves in Spain with Lauren, as they sunbathed topless together, kissed, hugged and played piggy pack. 

The pair met on Twitter, with Lauren recalling during their aforementioned Loose Women appearance: 'I asked him if he liked women and he said he did so that was a good start.'

She added: 'I instigated it. It started as a friendship and he's building his way. He doesn't say, "There's that tranny that lives up there", he sees me as a woman and he's accepting. And we have such a good laugh and we click.' 

Lauren first sprang into the public eye as a precocious 12-year-old antiques expert called James, who famously appeared on the Antiques Roadshow and Wogan.

She underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2002, which was, she says, ‘like being reborn’. Lauren has since carved out a successful TV career and released a single, I Am A Woman in 2015.  

Coming to a screen near you: Lauren has enjoyed a career as a TV personality over the years

Rise to fame: Lauren first sprang into the public eye as a precocious 12-year-old antiques expert called James, who famously appeared on the Antiques Roadshow and Wogan

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