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The first draft of your digital essay is due on March 30.. Please post a Materials Folder and a Project Overview to your group Dropbox folder by 9:00 am on Fri, 3/30.

I’d like you to think of this as a materials draft. That is, please focus your work in the next two weeks on doing the sorts of fieldwork and gathering the various texts you will need to compose your essay. If you plan on interviewing people for your project, schedule them now. If you’ll need permissions from your subjects, draft a form for them to sign. If you’ll need to take photos or record audio or video, get going. If you need to locate print or web texts, do so now.

I suggest that you place the materials you’re collecting in a set of folders on your hard drive. In working on multimedia projects, I’ve found it helpful to set up folders for Audio, Video, Images, Links, Print, and Other—though your categories may differ. Please then collect these folders in a single, larger folder, titled <Yourname Materials>. and upload this folder to Dropbox.

In addition to assembling your materials, I’d like you to draft a sentence outline of your project in which you state, as best you can, your aims as a writer. Come up with a title that suggests both your focus and slant. Identify those materials you know you’re going to use and what you plan to do with them. Also add a few questions you’d like to ask your readers as they look through your materials and think about your project at this early and formative stage. Title this document <Yourname overview.docx>, and upload it to Dropbox. Your group members will read and respond to your overview, and we e will break into groups to discuss them further during class on Tues, 4/03.

As I hope is clear, my aim here is get you started in a serious manner on the research you’ll need to do before you start shaping and refining your actual project. You don’t want your materials to dictate what you’re able to say; rather, you want to have plenty of texts to work with, remix, and write about. That should be the focus of your work in the next two weeks.

Good luck!

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Essay about Digital Art Technology

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Digital Art Technology

Technology is constantly growing and changing our ways of living. It makes life easier at times, and more interesting too. When one would think of art in the past, usually computers and technology did not come to mind. Now because of modern technology, the digital age is uncovering vast ways to create amazing works of art through computer tools and software. Art is now digitally created and can appear unbelievable to the modern eye.

Digital art technology is in some ways, a form of art that can be constructed on a computer based template and still portray an artistÕs rendition but in a mechanical manner. ÒAs early as 1912, the futurists planned moving sculptures driven by machine, in which the…show more content…

Photoshop was a great new technology and contributor for digital art at that time.

ÒToday, computers are found in almost every area of art, though with varying degrees of success, acceptance, and originality.Ó (57, Wolf) Classical art is obviously the most widespread acceptable form of art. Acceptable meaning known; People around the world could tell you theyÕve heard of Michelangelo or Picasso. Classical art and digital art have certain similarities, but far more differences. Both forms of art begin with the artistÕs view of an idea or concept. They both have creative attributes and qualities that are controlled by the artist and viewed by an audience. Evidently, there is different media used in each form. Where classical artist may use a paintbrush and a canvas to create a painting, a digital artist would use software like Photoshop though a computer to create an image. However now, artists can even imitate media like watercolor, charcoal, markers, and even oil pastels with certain software digitally.

There are two kinds of computer based art that uses the computer as a tool for creating the work. The two kinds are computer-assisted art and computer-created art. ÒIn computer-assisted art, an application like a paintbox or music program is used in creation of a work. Computer-created art begins with an algorithm written by the artist, which when run, produces a work, usually with some element of randomness involved so that

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