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Losing weight is easier than you think. As with anything else, take everything one step at a time and it'll happen sooner than you expect! Here is the foolproof step by step way to lose weight:

Step 1. Plan it out: on a piece of paper, write down your goal, as in how many pounds you need or want to lose. And figure out how much weight you are willing to lose in a month. You can go anywhere from 8 pounds a month to even 20 pounds a month, and that's low-balling it. Make sure to mark on this paper and on your calendar your weight loss goal.

Step 2. Reinforce it: make sure to place that paper somewhere where you will see it every day; you should also put that calendar in the same place. Remind yourself of your weight loss goals everyday. Make it something that is just a part of your daily routine. Believe that you can do it and stick with it!

Step 3. Work it: you must exercise to effectively and quickly lose weight! The best regimen would be to combine both cardio and weight lifting. Start off small and gradually increase your time and weights. Cardio can mean treadmill, bicycling, or jogging outdoors; as far as weight lifting goes, make sure to have someone spot you at the gym when you start off and when you try heavier weights. Your goal should be for 15-20 minute workouts daily. If your schedule doesn't allow for daily workouts, aim for 3-4 times a week at least.

Step 4. Feed it: when you start working out, your appetite will definitely increase but make sure to eat healthy, wholesome foods. In other words, cut out sugars, fried foods and junk foods! Soft drinks and sodas are included in junk foods! Avoid those at all costs. Make sure to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and quality meats. Don't skip meals and instead of the "3 meals a day" idea, instead go with 5-6 small meals a day. So that would be breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few snacks thrown in for good measure. This will help to increase your metabolism, which of course helps you lose weight more efficiently.

Step 5. Hydrate it: keep yourself well hydrated during your workouts and through your day. Water is a great way to filter out toxins in your body and will help you digest better. Not only that, your body loses a lot of water when working out as well as through daily general activities. Make sure to drink plenty of water, about 8 glasses a day.

Step 6. Record it: to help yourself see your improvements and to serve as an encouragement tool, keep records of your food and exercise. After every workout, write down the exercises you did and the repetitions and weights you used. Also, try to write down your diet and daily food intake to monitor your newfound healthy eating habits. Both of these activities will help motivate you during your weight loss program.

These six simple steps will help you lose weight quickly and more easily than you originally thought. In short time, you will see results and you will achieve your weight loss goals!

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