Ms Word Practice Assignments

The following are some sample Microsoft Word practice exercises that I have developed. There are a total of 50 exercises in the document. I use these exercises in tutoring sessions on Word as needed, along with other materials to ensure a comprehensive Word tutoring session.

Sample Word (c) Practice Exercises

6. Highlight some paragraphs, click on Insert, then put that text into Three Columns.

7. Select a Tab such as Home, Insert, Page Layout. Hide the Ribbon for that Tab. Restore the Ribbon.

8. Highlight the Three Columns, and change it to Two Columns.Turn on Hyphenation. Use the Automatic Hyphenation option, if needed manually correct various sentences, then use the Manual Hyphenate option.

9. Create a Table that is 6 Columns wide and 4 Rows Deep.

10. Choose the Eraser from the Design Tab and remove some of the Vertical Bars and Horizontal Lines in the interior of the First Row. Turn OFF Eraser. Using Layout Tab, Add a Row above the first Row and a Row below the last Row.

11. Start the Mail Merge under Mailings. Choose Letters, then Select Recipients, Create New List, adding about 5 records to the List, save your document, and then fill in the Template document by adding Merge Fields to the document that reflect the data records that you just created. Also add some text. Save the Template Document.

8/17/2012 | Jerome S.

Microsoft Word

Practical No. 1

  1. Right - Click on each document link below (with the right mouse button) and select "Save Target as" with the left button. Do NOT use the left mouse button when clicking on these links. (This instruction is extremely important, if you left click on the files below you will not be able to carry out the exercise.)
  2. Then choose a disk and folder to save the document in (that you will remember - drive h: in the Institute)
  3. Click on "Save" to save each document.

Exercise 1, Assignment 1, Exercise 2, Assignment 2, Exercise 3, Assignment 3
(If you have trouble downloading these files to your PC, you may find this lesson on downloading useful. Use your Back button, , to come back here when finished)

  1. Start the Microsoft Word computer program. (Click on the Start button on the bottom left of the screen, then click on Programs, then click on Microsoft Word - this may be slightly different if you are working outside the Institute).
  2. Open a file called Exercise 1 as follows:
    • Select the Open button on the Toolbar (Point to any button on the toolbar and wait for a yellow box to pop up to tell you what it is, then move the pointer along the toolbar until you find the button you want.)
    • Use the "Look in"drop down list to change the drive to h: (s000??? on Drumfin) (if you are working outside IT Sligo you will need to open this from the disk and folder you saved them in when you downloaded the 6 files from the Internet)
    • if you stored them in a folder, you may need to open that folder.
    • scroll down to the file called Exercise 1 and double click on it to open it
    • Make a note of the above instructions as you will need to know this procedure to open all existing exercise and assignment files in Microsoft Word.
  3. Carry out the instructions in the document that opens. Make notes on this exercise (and all exercises in your workbook(ex) that you do in this practical. - you don't need to make notes in the asssignments)
  4. Save the document as instructed on drive h: (Your own personal folder)

Exercise 2: From Microsoft Word (As above) carry out the instructions in the file called Exercise 2.

Exercise 3: From Microsoft Word (As above) carry out the instructions in the file called Exercise 3.

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