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Adventure Sports in India 2011

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Sports activities in India is undergoing a sea-change. Adventure sports which are exciting, dangerous and sometimes risky are replacing some mundane sports activities. In this essay, I would like to discuss the reasons for the young Indians noticeable interest in adventure sports.

Globalization has led to countless number of changes among Indians. Adventure sports is one of the changes which is being noticed among Indian adults.

Water Rafting, mountain trekking, scuba diving, para gliding are the most sought after sports of young adults of India. They love the adrenaline feeling which these sports give them. They want to do something different and experience things which are totally new to them.

India is full of exciting natural resources. Mother nature has gifted our country with rivers, mountains oceans, forests which can be explored to the maximum.

Trekking of the mountains tops the list of all adventure sports. To climb the Himalayas is not an easy joke. It is awe-inspiring and an out of the world experience. Lovers of climbing the mountain undergo a lot of hardships while doing so, but don't give up so easily.

Water rafting is an extremely adventurous sport where in the participants do rafting in the sea very fast. Sometime they might fall into the sea, but they wear life jackets to safeguard them from drowning.

Para gliding is done on the air. They glide in the air and enjoy flying there. Nothing is more enjoyable than hovering around in the air like birds and glide slowly down to the earth. They feel like birds flying in the sky.

Scuba diving is a sport activity undertaken into the sea. They wear necessary dress and tie oxygen with them and dive deep into the sea and experience the life under water. They could swim along with the fish and touch the other creatures which live under water.

There are many organizations which organize for these wonderful sports activities and guide the participants safely to their adventures.

Speed biking is also another activity which gives them a lot of thrill. Riding across new places is also a new trend which is very much happening.

Now, why do some people want to indulge in such extra-ordinary activities. Are they bored with their usual routine? Do they want to be a cut above the rest?
Are they doing it because it is fashionable to do so? The reason may vary from person to person.

Be it mountain,sky,air or roads the adventure is always thrilling and gives the sportsmen a sense of superiority and they fell as if as they have achieved something great whenever they indulge in such activities.

The bottom line is the old should pave way for the new in any generation. Be it a human being or an activity monopoly becomes quotidian and needs a change. This is what is happening in the field of Adventure sports.

Adventure sports in India

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This article is a review of different adventure sports that can be enjoyed in India at various destinations, with a short note in the end regarding precautionary measures that should be observed.

Man being terrestrial by nature, the idea of flying high and diving deep in the blues has always held tremendous fascination for mankind. This intriguing wish has given birth to adventure sports. The adventure sports mania has recently rooted in the Indian scenario. Young generations always have a liking for adventures. They are always on the lookout for experiences that will get their pulsations racing. And an adventure sport caters to this very need for adrenaline surge. Additional to this, the rising Indian GDP gives substantial money in the hands of younger generations to splurge on such nerve wrecking outings. All these reasons have added to the growing popularity of adventure sports in India.

India is blessed with a variety of geographic features and thus it provides as an ideal abode for all kinds of adventure sports. With a crowning glory of Himalayas on top and a number of rivers flowing through, Trekking, Rafting is possible. Being surrounded by sea extensively, there is a lot of scope for scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing etc.

I have summarized in short the various adventure sports one can enjoy in India.

Kayaking Or Rafting

White-water rafting is a recent attraction for tourist in the north. Indian rivers flowing through the snow clad Himalayan peaks provide ample scope for rafting. These river beds being rocky it gives a turbulent flow to the river waters and hence it makes the rafting experience here, an unforgettable one. Some of the rivers where rafting is possible in India are Ganges(Rishikesh), Indus(Leh),Tista(Sikkim), Beas(Kullus)


Indian Himalayas provide a vast potential for trekking. Lot of professional trekking expeditions are conducted throughout the year. Trekking is an amazing experience. Apart from the climbing adventure it also inculcates patience and tolerance amongst the participants, most of the Himalayan trekking expeditions are long duration and it involves surviving in basic and at times adverse conditions. Almost every state in India has one or more , small or big hill and hence small scale trekking can be enjoying in almost every part of India. Trekking lovers can find trekking groups in their respective localities and enjoy in their leisure days.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing has gained a lot of popularity since it has been featured in quite a few movies in the recent past. It is one sport synonymous with Goa. Many beaches at Goa offer jet skiing. It is a smooth ride but can be quite an adventure if the sea water is at unrest. Beginners are accompanied by guides who manage the controls. It is similar to going double-seat on a bike.

Water Skiing/ Wind surfing

Wind surfing is one of the extreme sport for adventure lovers. Extreme because it is one person against the whole sea. It is an experience on the surfaces of the deepest seas and hence safety is the most major concern in water skiing. One can enjoy this sport in Goa. However it is not as common as jet skiing and is available only at select resorts in Goa with private beaches. Thus it comes quite heavy on the pocket.

Bungee jumping

It the most popular adventure sport especially in the metropolitan cities of India. It involves a free fall from a height while your body is suspended from a height by means of secure ropes. The height of fall could vary from 120 to 700 feet. A good thing about it is that no special climatic or geographical conditions are required and so it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. All major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa provide bungee jumping facilities.

Para-gliding & para-sailing

These two activities are the safest amongst the lot. There is no special skill required for it; just instructions to be followed. It is the thrill involved that makes it an adventure. The basic difference between the two is that parasailing is done on coastal lines where the parachute lands on the boat and in paragliding one has to dive from a high point, may be a hill top. Billing,Kullu,Solang, Lahaul & Spitil, Nainital, Dayara Bugyal, Garhwal, Kumaon, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Matheran (Maharashtra) are common para-gliding places in India. Para-sailing is available at Goa and Kerala. The adventure sports rates at Goa are bargain able especially if visited during non- rush time (off-season).

Scuba diving

Those with real love for the ocean and who have a zeal to explore the deepest mysteries of the marine world, for them scuba diving is a treat. It is an adventure for some while for others it is a means to study the ocean floor, the marine life, coral reefs, and ship wreck remains etc. A variant of this activity is snorkelling; difference is in the equipments and skills. Both these activities can be done at Andaman, Nicobar Islands as well as Lakshadweep islands. Though the cost for these is high as per Indian norms, it is the cheapest deal offered here throughout the world. Hence a lot of foreigners are seen rushing to these sites for this lifetime experience.

Ice Skiing

It is common in European countries with snow peaks. It is very much new in India. Uttaranchal is possibly the only place in India where Skiing is done. The Government of India is making efforts to improve upon this particular activity.

All these adventure sports are not necessarily life threatening. If the necessary precautions are taken and rules followed then untoward mishaps can be prevented.

Small list of rules before you indulge into adventures.

1. Medical check up is must. Pregnant females, epileptic patients, heart patients, High BP patients, patients with respiratory problems are prohibited from participating. Minors should be accompanied by guardians.
2. Make sure a first aid kit is handy.
3. Follow the guide's instructions properly. Do not be irresponsible.
4. Make sure all safety apparatus is functioning, all protective gadgets and gear (life-Jackets, Oxygen masks, Hooks & buckles) are properly fitted before you begin.
5. Keep yourself well informed about the local weather and water conditions concerning the sport.
6. Clothing should be suitable for the kind of activity you are doing. For E.g. covering shoes for trekking. Do not wear fabric that clings to your body for water sport. It makes swimming difficult if the need arises.

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